July 14, 2014

In your journal, discuss any disadvantages to the place where you live and continue your sentence practice with noun and verb phrases. Write at least one of each of the noun phrases discussed in the unit (prepositional phrase, absolute phrase, and appositive phrase) and at least two of each of the verb phrases (infinitive phrase and participial phrase). You will, therefore, write at least seven sentences for this journal activity. As in the first assignment, underline the phrase in each sentence and consider its function in both as a modifier and an aspect of your writing style.

From my window I can see my neighbor’s annoying dogs. The dogs stand outside at the fence, barking at everything they see. To walk outside means getting barked at. The dogs, three small yapping pieces of fluff, haven’t been trained any better. Flipping them off, I try to feel better. To drive to work I have to spend a  lot of time on surface streets. Driving too fast means I get to work early, but I  risk a ticket.  

Unit 4, journal 1

In your writing journal, you will begin to practice building sentences with adjective and adverbial clauses. For this journal entry, discuss some of the advantages of the place where you live. Using the lists associated with each of these types of clauses, write at least three (3) sentences including adjective clauses and three (3) sentences including adverbial clauses. Underline the adjective and adverbial clauses. Consider their function in both as a modifier and an aspect of your writing style.

1) Even though I never thought I would live near Detroit, the benefits are endless. adverb
2) Because of the ethnic diversity the food options are plentiful. Adjective
3) my favorite neighbors, whose yard borders my driveway, are very friendly. Adjective
4) my living room, which is painted yellow, is the first room people walk into. Adjective
5) because there are no barking dogs we get excellent sleep. Adverb
6) although I haven’t lived in my neighborhood long, the community is welcoming.

Coursera Class unit 3 Journal 2

In your journal, continue your observations of the scene observed in journal 1.  Note several vivid action verbs that you have already used. Revise some of your sentences using action verbs and/or write 2-3 new sentences with action verbs. Try not to use any of the forms of “to be” (is, are, was, etc.).  Underline the action verbs in your sentences. Again, you will want to keep all of these sentences at hand as you do the peer reviewed writing at the end of the unit.

Original scene:

Cassie jumped as the heifer galloped toward the road. She waved at her mother-in-law, Geraldine, to get the woman’s attention. Blocking the young cow was their goal. Nobody was prepared to be chasing cattle at eleven pm; they were all in their pajamas.

Vivid action verbs: jumped, galloped, chasing

Geralyn sweated as she sprinted to reach the road before the heifer. Her feet are already sore and starting to blister. Luckily the cow stumbled when she saw the person running by her, and didn’t dash into the road.

Coursera Class, Unit 2 Journal 2

In your journal, continue your list of nouns and adjectives by adding in five to ten verbs and adverbs. Then, write a couple of sentences using your list of nouns, adjective, verbs, and adverbs.

Noisy keyboard typed.
White paper fell
Pink Samsung smartphone stalled
Empty water-bottle filled
Purple marker wrote
Huge computer monitor always
Friendly Excited coworkers

She typed using the noisy keyboard.
Frustratingly, the pink Samsung smartphone stalled.
She filled the empty water – bottle with vodka.
She wrote a birthday card with the purple marker.
Her friendly coworkers excitedly talked about movies.

Coursera Class unit 3 Journal 1

Observe a scene where people are interacting.  You might choose a restaurant or a shopping mall.  Sporting events and parks are also good places to observe people. Write 5-6 sentences describing this scene and underline the subjects of your sentences. Write a few sentences experimenting with using different types of pronouns from the tables in Unit 3.  You will want to keep all of these sentences at hand as you do the writing activities for this unit. 

Cassie jumped as the heifer galloped toward the road. She waved at her mother-in-law, Geraldine, to get the woman’s attention. Blocking the young cow was their goal. Nobody was prepared to be chasing cattle at eleven pm; they were all in their pajamas.

Coursera Class, Unit 2 Journal 1.

In your journal, write down a list of at least five to ten nouns and five to ten adjectives as you observe a scene at home, work, or in your community.

Noisy keyboard.
White paper
Pink Samsung smartphone
Empty water-bottle
Purple marker
Huge computer monitor
Excited coworkers



I went for a run today, the first run since December 22, 2012, according to Cardiotrainer. It was a very tough run, which makes sense considering the length of time between workouts. I have had so little motivation for anything athletic lately. Well, that isn’t entirely true. I have had a lot of motivation for the first workout of any plan, and no desire to move beyond that. I’ve restarted my current workout plan at least three times since the beginning of the year. This is no surprise to anyone; I’ve always loved new beginnings.

Such a productive day! I finally finished all of my chores for the week! I gave myself an extra day, since I have President’s Day off, and I missed doing anything on Saturday due to the *ahem* booze flu.

My husband and I are going to be looking at a house this evening. According to Zillow it looks beautiful, and the price is pretty decent. However, it is deeper in the area we currently live in, which would put me even farther away from work. This is the opposite direction I want to go in. If the house is perfect though…an extra five minute drive would make it worth it. I did send an email about a house that is in the same area as work…just in case;)


My Little Pony Monday!

This is Night Glider, my favorite pony growing up. I would borrow my mom’s mascara and do her makeup. Thank goodness I was able to get it off 8 years later when I decided to start collecting ponies again. I used to get so frustrated with her because her tail was constantly popping out.

Night Glider

First Run of Fall

September 23, 2012

I went for the my first run of fall yesterday.  Considering how sparse my running has been lately, I didn’t do too badly.  I ran for half a mile, and then walked for a quarter mile for a total of three miles.  Running around the neighborhood isn’t as interesting as running on a local trail, but I wanted to try out some new headphones, and running around my neighborhood allowed me the chance to stop by my house and change headphones if the new ones were unbearable.  They were bluetooth wrap arounds.  Overall I am not pleased; the music quality was excellent, but I couldn’t find a position in which the headphones were comfortable on my ears.  I felt like I was constantly adjusting the angle against my head, and trying to push the earbuds back into my ears.  So back to my $10 cheapo headphones (in pink, which adds to their awesomeness).  My husband suggests switching the earbud size so they will fit better…so I shall see.  One more chance.

My running plan is to race in the Hot Chocolate 5K in Chicago this November.  I’m not shooting for a specific time, I just want to get back into the habit of running again.  It has almost been a year since I started my current job, and I have never been able to fall into a regular running schedule.  Different things have upset this; having to be home for a child, having my spouse switch jobs, having the child move out.  After 8 years of being on an irregular schedule, having a 9-5 Monday through Friday career is a lot to become accustomed to, albeit a wonderful, much needed change.

My three mile time was roughly 38 minutes-the time is a little bit inexact due to me waiting at a corner and watching a walker talk to a young woman…I couldn’t tell if it was a welcome conversation or not, so I wanted to watch and make sure everything was okay.  The same man had tried to talk to me earlier, but it was easy for me to run past him, because, well…I was running.  It is hard to tell if someone is crazy or not, but I know I don’t like being trapped, so I try to watch out for others.

I’ve decided to follow a 12 week training program based on the FIRST running program-three days a week running, with 2 days of cross training.  I’m not sure what I should do for cross training-ideally I would do biking or swimming, but my bike isn’t set up, and going swimming is kind of a pain in the ass-drive to rec center, pay money dollars, feel like an idiot because I’m not a good swimmer…and so on.  The Hot Chocolate 5K puts me about halfway into the training program.  I know that you’re not supposed to throw races into the middle of a training program, but I am not anywhere serious enough about running to care.  I enjoy making running programs and having goals.  I enjoy seeing myself improving.

Tomorrow I do a short tempo run!  1 mile warmup, 2 miles at 13:20, 1 mile cool down.  Woo!